WMCC expands its outreach to Western Montana through Social Media

The Center is happy to announce a series of significant changes in how we are reaching out to Western Montana.

We realize that though our physical space is very important to the operations of the Center and its affiliated groups, we needed to think outside of the walls of the Center as to how to better serve the LGBTIQ communities of Western Montana at large. Part of our new outreach effort is through a series of social media outreach efforts, a modernized OutWords email version to better reach LGBTIQ and Allied folks across the state, a comprehensive news and OutWords archive, and a quarterly Center Update, which will be sent out via email and through our various social media sites.

You can now find us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as well as enjoy all of the information of our old site, except with many more features and a much more modern look.

We hope that you find our resources useful. Can’t find something you need? Have a suggestion on how to improve our outreach efforts? Email Us.