Want to help build a better Missoula?

portrait of a group of people standing together

Have you been wanting to find support in Missoula? Looking for a group that fits your needs? Perhaps you want to help facilitate a group out of the Center.

We are always looking for dedicated members of the LGBTIQ and allied communities to help reach out to the Missoula communities. The Center currently serves as a meeting space for the Montana Gender Alliance Missoula Chapter, Missoula’s Gay Men Together group, collaboratively hosted by Gay Health Task Force and the Western Montana Community Center, as well as for organizations like Montana Pride Network, the Imperial Sovereign Court of the State of Montana, the Gender Expansion Project, among others.

We are currently seeking facilitators who are interested in hosting a group for individuals of bisexual identity, a Queer activity group, and a group for individuals of lesbian identity. If you are interested in hosting any one of these groups, or better yet, want to create your own group, please email Bree at bree.sutherland@gaymontana.org