Frozen Montana | A First Friday Exhibit


“Growing up I used to despise winter. I thought it was just nasty, bitter, and impossible to have fun. Thankfully things have changed.”

Frozen Montana | A First Friday Exhibit

February 7th, 2014 – Western Montana Community Center

The Western Montana Community Center is excited to announce that “Frozen Montana” an exhibit by Clint Whittle, will be showing at the Center for the month of February. Feel free to stop by on Friday, February 7th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm for the opening night of Frozen Montana or to drop in at the Center any time during the month of February.

Clint Whittle grew up in Shepherd, Montana right along the Yellowstone River. A lover of nature and all the seasons, he sought to show how intimate and fragile the winter season truly is. When the temperature falls well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit the entire world changes into delicate sculptures, you can see the river taking deep breaths, and the leftovers of fall are preserved in ice.  Well it may seem desolate and empty, life is abundant and thriving. And just as the ice seems to be everlasting it melts away into the ground and rivers and continues to shape the landscape. The world is constantly changing and each moment is equally special as the last.

Whittle has a degree in music performance from the University of Montana and hopes to photograph wherever life may lead. He also has photo collections from the national parks, Western Canada, Alaska, and all over the Rocky Mountains. He can be contacted through email,, or cell, 406-855-6031.