Andy Nelson

Andy Nelson

Secretary / Operations Administrator

Pronouns – He, Him, His

Andy currently serves as the board secretary as well as the operations administrator for the Center. He is also an STD/HIV health education specialist with the Gay Health Task Force. A lover of the arts, Andy enjoys performing in his spare time and you may have seen him on stage at his home away from home, Missoula Community Theatre.

Why is The Center important to you? After coming out in college, The Center was a social and emotional outlet and ultimately a safe space for me. There, I found a place where I could relate to people like me and who were dealing with similar issues. In the past few years that I’ve been involved with The Center, I have made some truly amazing friendships and have learned so much and have grown much more connected to my LGBTQ+ community.

Coffee or Tea? COFFEE ALL THE WAY!!

Cake or pie? Too tough to call!

Fun Fact: Friends is my favorite TV show and I’ve probably seen it 5 or 6 times in it’s entirety.